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etablishing your business

try not to be ripped off…

In Tanzania (or East Africa) there are prices and then there are muzungu prices, which translated means something like 'white prices' and these prices are 5-10 times higher than normal prices. When we started our company I contacted a solicitor to establish our company. He knew I was a 'muzungu' and the price was 2000 USD. I talked to my wife and we found a local solicitor and he did it for 300 USD. Another aspect is that in most countries in Europe you can establish a company in one week, but here it takes at least one month. So you need to be patience and you need to have the right company to help you. This is where MIKASHE can assist you and we even do the job for you as we have our own solicitor associated.

distribution of your products

It is expensive to establish a branch of your company in a new country and in this case a new continent. New culture, new business rules, new employees, new public sectors and much more which is a challenge for many and many give up because it is just too complicated.

One alternative way to enter a market is to find a good solid business partner and let them distribute your products to a beginning and then grow from there. MIKASHE is doing this for many European companies and with great success. We have a widespread network of dealers/agents across the region and it has taken a long time to establish and this network could be your channel if you chose to work with MIKASHE.

Please contact us for an informal talk about your options.

extended management arm

As an executive officer for many years and experience from larger multinational organizations I have the skills to assist you getting well established in the region as your interim Country Manager. I am based in Dar es Salaam and can manage your build up in close collaboration with your management team. I have a team ready on an interim basis to assist you in setting up your business and I will not stay on longer than needed. Please contact me for any further questions and let me know how I can assist you.

sourcing organic products

Whatever you are looking for in East Africa, MIKASHE can assist you with sourcing it for you. All from gem stones to organic spices, organic coffee, rice and the list goes on.

Due to corona the market has an over supply of products for export and prices are attractive at the moment so please do not hesitate to reach out if we can assist you. We have right now the following…

  • organic coffee

  • raw cotton

  • organic cacao beans

  • many different organic spices like chillies

  • organic rice - long, shot, basmati and many more